Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Crush in 2016

Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Crush in 2016


So you have had a secret crush on him or her for a while but haven’t found the right moment to express it yet. Luckily Valentine’s Day is coming up and is the best time to let your crush know you are into them and the best way to say it is through a gift. The key to giving a gift to a crush is not to overdo it. You definitely want a gift that they will like and expresses your feelings but you also don’t want to come off too strong. Overly expensive  and overly romantic gifts are not the way to go, instead go for a cute and casual gift that can get the ball rolling till the next Valentine’s Day when you can go for something more romantic. Here are our best picks for Valentine’s Day gift for crush in 2016.

Amazon Gift Card Gift Card - White Heart Tin

$50.00 | Amazon

Gift cards for make a great gift pretty much for any occasion. The reason they are great to give to a crush is because they are not too romantic but still great as the person the buy whatever they want (its 2016 get them amazon gift card, not for a physical store!). Don’t go too overboard though nor cheap out, the perfect amounts are $75-125. More than that would be a bit too much and you can come off too strong. Gift cards make for great Valentine’s Day gifts for both guys and girls.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

David’s Cookies Fresh Baked Cookies

$33.95.00 | Amazon

Valentine’s Day candy packs are a bit too over the top to give to a crush, fortunately some good old chocolate chip cookies can serve as Valentine’s Day chocolate treat for a crush. The reason we picked David’s cookies is because of the taste and freshness and it has 12 cookies with 6 different varieties. They are super delicious and will be loved by both genders.


Old World Beaded Bookmark

$2.95 | Amazon

If your crush loves reading than a simple bookmark is all you need. It tells them that you care enough to know their interests and likes but isn’t overly lovey dovey. Best of all the price tag means it’s affordable even if you are college/school student and can’t spend too much. It’s another gender independent gift and suitable to give to both guys and girls.

Shea Sugar Scrub

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub

$19.44 | Amazon

This is another great Valentine’s Day gift for a crush. It’s something very practical that she will use and love but won’t come off as to strong. It’s the right amount of sensual and practical and priced reasonably (gifts over $150 to a crush are a no no). This one is for ladies only, guys probably won’t like it too much unless they are really into skincare.

Flower Bouquet

8-bit Flower Bouquet

$19.79 | Amazon

Not the real kind though! Those are too romantic but this 8-bit flower bouquet is perfect. It’s cute and fun which is the sentiment you are going for when picking a gift for a crush. Best of all it does not need any watering and doesn’t go bad after a few days. Probably better to give it to the ladies but guys into old-school games might appreciate it as well.

Stuffed Toy

Gund Deangelo Valentine’s Day Dog

$51.56 | Amazon

Another cute option is a stuffed animal toy; teddy bears are too old school and a bit too romantic though. Our pick is this cute dog holding a rose which makes it great for Valentine’s Day as it signifies your feelings in a fun way. Suitable for both guys and girls of all ages!


Wander Agio Women’s Lattice Large Scarf

$12.99 | Amazon

Alpine Swiss Winter Scarf

$10.00 | Amazon

Clothing items to a crush on Valentine’s Day might seem like a bad idea but they are really not. It’s all about picking something that’s a bit more casual and scarf is the perfect item (no lingerie please!). It’s not something too personal but still will bring that warm and fuzzy feeling to your crush’s heart. For women go for the colorful Wander Agio scarf (you don’t want to be too bland on Valentine’s Day) and for men for the Apline Swiss scarf.

Star Wars Mug

Star Wars Mug

$17.99 | Amazon

Novelty mugs are another great causal and fun gift and with the Star Wars mania these days you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s fun but not too over the top and something they will end up using. Great for both guys and girls since everyone loves coffee and Star Wars these days.

Lego Minecraft

LEGO Minecraft The Cave

$16.99 | Amazon

Let your crush explore their inner child with a Lego set. Lego building is something everyone loves even if they think they have outgrown. If they are into mine craft than it’s a double whammy otherwise probably just get a standard medium Lego pack. It’s something usually guys enjoy more than girls so make sure your girl crush has an interest in minecraft or Lego’s before gifting this to her.


Adele 25 CD

$10.00 | Amazon

Guardians of the Galaxy : Mix

$9.00 | Amazon

Music was the most common gift to give to a crush on a Valentine’s Day not all that long ago but is now something almost unheard off which is why it will come off as different and cool. Our favorite picks are Adele’s latest album 25 for the ladies and the Guardians of the Galaxy mixtape for the guys.