Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Her in 2016

Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Her in 2016


Valentine’s Day is the most important day of the year for women and they expect a romantic gift that shows them how much you care. A bad gift can certainly land you in the doghouse while a great one will make her love you even more. We gathered our experts and picked out the best Valentine’s Day gift that you can give to her in 2016


Michael Kors Tone Heart Stud Earrings

$65.00 | Amazon

Michael Kors Heart Pendant Necklace

$95.00 | Amazon

They say you win over a man with food but for women it’s through jewelry. It’s one of those things that all women love, just make sure that it’s the romantic kind of jewelry. We picked out the best new designs which are ultra-romantic making them the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. The Michael Kors heart pendant is simple yet elegant and will go well with our other pick the Michael Kors stud earrings.

Heart Shaped Umbrella

Love Heart Umbrella - Red

$65.00 | Amazon

What’s better than a Valentine’s Day gift that is romantic yet practical!? If she uses an umbrella regularly than she’d love this heart shaped umbrella since not only it reminds her of you but it’s very lightweight and easy to carry. It also offers give extra protection against UV light so it’s not just for those living in rainy areas.


Prestat Heart Assortment (105g)

$34.20 | Amazon

All women expect candy on Valentine’s Day, so don’t forget some with your gift and flowers of course. There are plenty of things to choose from but chocolate is what she craves on Valentine. Don’t just get some regular bars though but one of those heart shaped assortments and the best one out there is the Prestat Heart Assortment, it’s a bit light on the chocolates but the taste is absolutely amazing as tested by our chocolate experts (what a job!).

Art Naturals Bath Salts Gift Set

Essential Oil Handmade Spa Bomb Fizzies

$21.50 | Amazon

This is one of those thoughtful gifts that she won’t be expecting but love nonetheless. Women don’t just take a bath but it’s a complete ritual and the art natural’s bath salts is just what they need. It’s all made completely natural and turns the bath into a relaxing session of aroma therapy and stress relief. In addition it will leave her skin feeling extremely soft and refreshed.


Tom Ford Lip

$49.99 | Amazon

This is one of those things that she really wants but doesn’t splurge on. Tom Ford lipsticks are something women always wish for and the pink color looks good on any skin. This is definitely one of the best gifts you can pick out for Valentine’s Day 2016 and women all around the world will love it.

Kate Spade Wallet

Cedar Street Stacy Bifold

$100.00 | Amazon

This is one handy gift for sure. Kate Spade makes some of the best ladies wallets and this one is our personal favorite. It oozes class and elegance and we can assure you the women in your life will absolutely adore it. Every time she gets compliments on it she’ll be reminded how awesome you are.


Women’s Colette Chemise

$77.40 | Amazon

Women expect feminine gifts that make them feel sexy on Valentine’s Day and the Colette Chemise does exactly that. It’s a very cute looking nightwear that she’ll love as it makes her feel more attractive and is extremely comfortable to wear. It’s seriously soft and adjustable for various cup sizes making it perfect for sleeping.

Victoria’s Secret Lingerie

Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Strappy Cutout

$65.00 | Amazon

Victoria’s Secret lingerie has almost become synonymous with Valentine Day and just like the nightie it’s something that makes her feel very special and attractive on this romantic day. Our pick is the strappy demi bra and thong set which is seriously spicy and sexy. The best part about this gift is that you get to see your lady in it later in the night (or even earlier!).

Skin Care Set

Raw Essentials Skin Care Gift Set

$29.99 | Amazon

Skin care is very important to women, although finding the right products can be pretty hard. Be her hero this Valentine’s Day and give her the gift of perfect skin. The Raw Essentials package contains all the products she needs face wash, toner, moisturizers, eye cream, body oil, body wash and more. The best part is that’s its chemical free and made from natural ingredients which is going to leave her skin looking and feeling much better than before.


BCBGMax Azria Women’s Klarissa Gown

$377.94 | Amazon

She loves clothes right (like who doesn’t)? Get her the Max Azria gown which is one of the best deigns to come out in recent months. The stunning looking gown is a bit pricey but will leave her breathless and make your breathless when she wears it later for the evening date.


ONEHOPE California Reds III Wine

$45.50 | Amazon

A Valentine’s Day dinner is incomplete without some good wine and this pack from Onehope will serve you well for a few other date nights as well. The handcrafted wines come in a package of three and each is more tasteful than the other. If your haven’t tried their wines before trust us, because we are hooked.

Scented Candles

Champagne Candle

$29.95 | Amazon

If you are slightly low on budget scented candles can be incredibly romantic gift that is very reasonably priced. Get the ones from Rewined (our pick is the Champagne) as they are handmade and incredibly well crafted. They are very eco-friendly and the aroma is refreshing without being overly strong.


Romance by Ralph Lauren for Women

$36.94 | Amazon

Romance by Ralph Lauren is one of the best women’s perfumes for quite a few years now but what makes it the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is the rich and complex scent that she will love to wear and you would love to smell. Any women who uses this falls in love with it instantly making it one of the best gifts for some years now.

Kate Spade Watch

Kate Spade Watche

$128.39 | Amazon

If she is a watch wearing woman than this Kate Spade watch would be the best Valentine’s Day gift for her. It’s extremely well designed, feminine, romantic and yet very practical for everyday wear since it overly fancy. It’s very lightweight and water resistant and something that would look adorable on her wrist.