Polk Audio Striker Pro P1 Universal Gaming Headset

Want multi-purpose headphones? Do you want your headphones to be as useful as while gaming and as efficient as while listening music or watching movies? It seems like you got what you asked for. Polk Striker has answered your queries by releasing their Pro P1. Yes you can now enjoy endless gaming experience with your P1 and also you can enjoy music and movies with equal ease and comfort level. Well you don’t hear that all the day. Something is a bit new here.

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Polk Audio Striker Pro P1 Universal Gaming Headset - PlayStation 4

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$ 129.95

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Let us have a closer look at its features. It has in-line remote with microphone attenuator switch which is placed for PlayStation4 and master volume. Microphone attenuator prevents the distortion of loud chats for long sessions and during heated game play. These headphones come with 3 cables which are detachable and they have different functions regarding their type used. A cool feature is that it a removable microphone and if you remove that microphone there is low profile microphone to allow continuous chatting.

Having an overlook at these features it might come to your mind that it could be a great gift for someone with both gaming and entertainment taste. In that case you are most probably thinking right. You can gift it to friend of yours who has just started gaming and also likes movies. If you are a gamer yourself, you would understand it better that since your friend is a beginner level gamer or even a medium level player he would love these headphones as he is also into music and movies. This is one of the best features of these headphones. You guys chat with each other while gaming. Also these headphones have detachable cables which help you to switch modes. You can either plug-in these cables to your Xbox or PlayStation or PC. It doesn’t matter you choose PC or Xbox or PlayStation these headphones work fine with all of them. With your PC just by switching cables you can change the mode form movies to gaming and vice versa. These headphones also have special cable for mobile use if you are planning to listen music then its fine. Moreover they have flexible design and comfortable experience due to their low weight and they look extremely stylish and cool as well. So these headphones could be a great gift for your friend as they have reasonable price $129.95.

Polk Audio Striker Pro P1 Gaming Headset Best Gift Idea For Gamers

You can call yourself right if you are planning to gift these to your girlfriend. Girls like multi-purpose things so she is going to like them as these headphones can be used for gaming, music and movies. Your girlfriend might have started gaming after she became impressed by you. She will also like their design and cool looks. And they are really comfortable as well. You can easily afford them as they cost $129.95. Some people might say that their sound is limited to stereo.

Polk Striker Pro P1 is one of the best choices you have as a gift if you are looking for an all-rounder.

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